Art in Bloom 2018

Just to prove that it really has been nearly a full year since I was anything like regular about posting here, it’s once again time for Art in Bloom pictures! It opened this year on my birthday, so Mark and I took the afternoon off to go. Here were some of the better photos I managed this time. (Click for bigger individual views and captions.)

It’s that time of year again! I have once again successfully made it around the sun. This year’s birthday card from my talented aunt and uncle has an Austen theme. Isn’t it lovely?


Art in Bloom 2017

I was sad to miss last year’s Art in Bloom exhibit at the NC Museum of Art, but I managed to make it this year! Here are some of my favorite shots from this year. (Click on the images to see them individually, hopefully with their captions.)

Temari: Forsythia

I actually made this temari (quite) a while ago, inspired by the forsythia that were blooming at the time, but they were gone before the temari was finished, and then I kept putting off photographing it until I could get a sprig. Now that spring has finally rolled around again, I remembered!


(Yes, yes, I know forsythia have four petals, but work with me here. I was experimenting with trying something unique with interweaving offset spindles.)

I’m not dead! I come bearing proof that I have, in fact, successfully completed another orbit around the sun, in the form of my annual birthday card from my card-making aunt and calligrapher uncle.

I love this year’s card! The way it stands up by itself as a screen is so neat.

Nags Head Nights

Looking back through various bits of 2016, I realized I had a bunch of pictures from the beach this summer that I’d never downloaded or posted. So here’s a photo post to send off the year. I actually took more pictures there this year at dusk and in the evening, for some reason. Maybe that’s fitting.

Temari: Christmas Quilt

I actually made this temari last year and have been saving it to post this holiday season. This one is done entirely by wrapping the thread around the ball in a specific pattern, as opposed to stitching, so the making process involves a lot of pins to hold everything in place until the end. But the final result is nice, so it’s worth it!p1020638

Pictured here with one of the Santa Clauses I inherited from my grandmother’s collection.


Merry Christmas!