Around Town

I realized it’d been a while since I posted any local photos, and it turns out to have been a good time for murals lately.


Butterfly in downtown Raleigh.


Refreshed mural at Ninth Street Dance in Durham.


Temari: Monet Swirls

The other ball I finished while teaching at the folk school last week was another swirl ball, since I always end up teaching swirl. Once students see an example of it, they can’t resist. This time, just for a bit of a change, I did the hexagons in purple (what a shock, I know) and the squares in a coordinating variegated blue/pink/purple thread that reminded me of hydrangeas and Monet’s water lilies series.


Bonus pictures: Some of the inspiration I was thinking of when picking colors.

Temari: Field of Flowers

While teaching at the folk school last week, I finally, finally, finally finished the 122-faces ball I’ve been working on (sporadically) for the past two years.


This ball has been the bane of my stitching bag for what feels like forever, so I’m greatly relieved to have it done. My first multi to break 100 faces, and my first finished one above a 42, as I think I have a 92 languishing half-finished somewhere around here. People who do high multis exclusively have my extremely exhausted respect. (Of course, I know if I did more of them, the division process wouldn’t seem so arduous anymore, and that’s really what my next goal should be, but I think I’ll drop back down to marking a nice, normal 32 again for my next new project.)

Autumn at the Folk School

Last week was our annual week of teaching temari at the John C. Campbell Folk School. We’ve been having a fairly mild autumn this year, so the trees hadn’t quite turned, but here’s a little taste of autumn at the folk school.

(Those two dogs hang out on the deck outside the dining hall most of the day. They get a ride home from one of the staff after dinner.)

Golden Gate Bridge


The Golden Gate Bridge from Battery Spencer. Marin Headlands, Golden Gate National Recreation Area. October 7, 2018.

Harbor Seals


Harbor seals (and a seagull) off the coast of Marin Headlands, Golden Gate National Recreation Area. October 7, 2018.

On the Way to Point Bonita


Rocks off the coast on the walk to Point Bonita, plus a single pink flower. Marin Headlands, Golden Gate National Recreation Area. October 7, 2018.