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Just to prove that it really has been nearly a full year since I was anything like regular about posting here, it’s once again time for Art in Bloom pictures! It opened this year on my birthday, so Mark and I took the afternoon off to go. Here were some of the better photos I managed this time. (Click for bigger individual views and captions.)

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The Official 2018 Birthday Card

It’s that time of year again! I have once again successfully made it around the sun. This year’s birthday card from my talented aunt and uncle has an Austen theme. Isn’t it lovely?


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Art in Bloom 2017

I was sad to miss last year’s Art in Bloom exhibit at the NC Museum of Art, but I managed to make it this year! Here are some of my favorite shots from this year. (Click on the images to see them individually, hopefully with their captions.)

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The Official 2017 Birthday Card

I’m not dead! I come bearing proof that I have, in fact, successfully completed another orbit around the sun, in the form of my annual birthday card from my card-making aunt and calligrapher uncle.

I love this year’s card! The way it stands up by itself as a screen is so neat.

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Happy Winter Solstice! Mark has gleefully pointed out that this is, in fact, the best Winter’s Night we are likely to experience in a lifetime, as tonight will be the longest night for the next 80 years due to a trick of orbital mechanics, plus there will be a lunar eclipse. So celebrate the best you can tonight; clearly the sun’s going to need all the help it can get to come up properly in the new year.

(Edit: The one time I don’t bother to fact check a thing Mark tells me with great confidence, it turns out to be a thing actually from 2010. But there is a lunar eclipse tonight! Best visible at 3:17am in the Eastern time zone. Look! Distracting art!)

And for some reason, this cool art Gene just sent us is striking me as thematically appropriate, so here you go. Enjoy!


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That Travel Nerd Aesthetic

A friend over on Tumblr tagged me in a challenge to post six photos from my phone’s camera roll that “represent my aesthetic.” I liked the ones I chose, mostly because apparently my aesthetic is nerdy hobbies, nature, and travel, which is not inaccurate, and also the colors all went together fairly nicely, which was complete happenstance.

So: a book I copy edited, a temari I worked on while watching Farscape, my favorite profile picture, an arrangement I made, a wall of tiles at Park Güell in Barcelona, and sunset over a rain pool at Jockey’s Ridge State Park.

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The Official 2016 Birthday Card

It’s here! (Both my birthday and my card from my exceptionally artistic aunt and uncle.)


In case you can’t read it, the green book spine says “This life is sweeter than fiction.”

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