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Just to prove that it really has been nearly a full year since I was anything like regular about posting here, it’s once again time for Art in Bloom pictures! It opened this year on my birthday, so Mark and I took the afternoon off to go. Here were some of the better photos I managed this time. (Click for bigger individual views and captions.)

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Nags Head Nights

Looking back through various bits of 2016, I realized I had a bunch of pictures from the beach this summer that I’d never downloaded or posted. So here’s a photo post to send off the year. I actually took more pictures there this year at dusk and in the evening, for some reason. Maybe that’s fitting.

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That Travel Nerd Aesthetic

A friend over on Tumblr tagged me in a challenge to post six photos from my phone’s camera roll that “represent my aesthetic.” I liked the ones I chose, mostly because apparently my aesthetic is nerdy hobbies, nature, and travel, which is not inaccurate, and also the colors all went together fairly nicely, which was complete happenstance.

So: a book I copy edited, a temari I worked on while watching Farscape, my favorite profile picture, an arrangement I made, a wall of tiles at Park Güell in Barcelona, and sunset over a rain pool at Jockey’s Ridge State Park.

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In October we took a trip up to MI, and it happened to overlap with the weekend of the Flower House installation showing. A succinct explanation of the project, from the website:

during the third weekend of october 2015, cutting edge florists from michigan and across the country filled the walls and ceilings of an abandoned detroit house with american-grown fresh flowers and living plants for a weekend installation friday, october 16th through sunday october 18th, with an estimated 3,000+ visitors.

now that the october installation weekend has passed, the house that held the exhibition will soon be responsibly deconstructed and its materials repurposed. the land will be converted into a flower farm and design center for project creator lisa waud’s business pot & box on their formerly neglected properties.

On the way there, I was rather shocked to realize we were driving through parts of Detroit I actually knew, from when I was regularly driving between Lansing and Detroit back in 2004/05. The city has truly changed in the past decade. It may be depressingly unrecognizable to me now, but projects like this one also make me look forward to what it will become.

These are some of the best shots I got, though they don’t really capture the experience inside the house because the rooms were small and I stupidly forgot my wide-angle lens. Even with a wide-angle, though, I don’t think I could have adequately shown how completely covered every room was. It was amazing.

(Experimenting with the photo album feature here. Click to see the individual images.)

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And finally, some pictures I took on my Saturday evening visit to the big stitch quilting class, which had been my second choice in case the photography class was full. Although I didn’t know it at the time, I identified yet another Japanese-influenced craft to be interested in! As the instructor, Jo Glover, says in this interview, she was inspired by seeing sashiko designs on a trip to Japan. I took several shots of her example pieces featuring the chiku-chiku technique.

I like this one for all the colors and lines.


And this one for playing with the depth of field, though I probably could have set it up better.


(Neither of these photos made it into the final showcase for our class, but I still liked them.)

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More evidence that it’s always a good idea to have your camera with you at the folk school! The Campbell teaches a lot of blacksmithing classes, which results in random pieces of metalwork in unexpected places. This guy (who may be a plant hanger?) is attached to the corner of the dining hall building, where people line up to wait for the bell to be rung.


Unexpected metalwork man

Remember, it’s important to look up! You never know what you might find.

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One of the fun things about taking a photography class at the folk school is that you can just walk around the campus and stumble across things like this:


Serendipitous composition

I had several people ask me if I had made the bouquet myself, but this was honestly just sitting on a piece of leftover wood around the side of the enameling studio, and I found it by complete happenstance. I love everything about it.

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